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Frequently Asked Questions..

Below are a list of inquiries we often receive, if there is not an answer to your question below please email 

When will my results PCR results be done?

The results are sent via the email you input into your website form 36-48 hours typically after the day of testing. Please allow for delays on Sundays and holidays. 

I have not received my results yet?

The most likely reasons you may not have received your PCR results yet:
It is still in process at the laboratory,
You may have entered the wrong contact info,
Or a clerical error. (Yes! That does rarely happen, unfortunately)
If you are concerned you input wrong info or it has been over 48 hours since the date you performed the test, email for the fastest response. 

My PCR results say: "TNP"

It means the laboratory was unable to perform the PCR test. Results sometimes can come back as "TNP" (test not performed) because there was not enough of a sample collected, or there were things that affected the results in the sample. (I.e., recent food, beverage, etc…) You can go back to any of our sites to re-perform the test.

Are your tests good for travel?

You will need to research what your travel destination requirements are, different locations have different requirements and we are unable to advise on what you may need. You can find additional information on our "helpful links" page. 

How long is the wait? Do I need an appointment?

How much are your tests? Do I need insurance? Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen? 

How old do you have to be to have the test performed? 

I need a rush PCR!?

How do I read my results?

The paper form you are sent home with is for an antigen result, there will be a checked box for the determination of your test result. When you receive your results via email the BOLD (top) result is the definitive answer. It is possible to have two different results on your antigen and PCR test. 

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